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New partnership with TECNIC

New partnership with TECNIC

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with TECNIC

Specialist in designing and producing high-end bioreactors and downstream processing.

Founded in 2011, TECNIC has a proven track record of excellence in designing and producing high-end equipment. TECNIC has a strong expertise in 3D design, stainless steel processing, machining, and assembly, all in-house. With this expertise, they make themselves a versatile and flexible team, which enables them to specifically tailor their products to the needs of the customer.  TECNIC advanced bioreactors can be specifically tailored for applications such as: stem cell research, vaccine creation, gene therapy and monoclonal antibody production. Their comprehensive working method and software allow TECNIC to control all aspects of the production process, ensuring a high level of excellence in their products.


Why we choose TECNIC to join our portfolio:

TECNIC focuses on delivering efficient, flexible, and scalable solutions within biotechnology, ranging from research and development scale to full production scale. Their tailored products provide solutions for  up- and downstream, both for single or multiple use requirements, but mostly a wide range of bioreactors.

Bioreactors play a pivotal role in the bioprocessing industry, creating controlled environments conducive to the growth of living cells and microorganisms. This ensures precise and efficient bioprocessing. TECNIC acknowledges the uniqueness of every laboratory and facility, adapting their offerings to fit varying manufacturing capacities. They offer diverse product lineup, segmented into three categories, each tailored to specific requirements. Moreover we provide extended support to assist you in the commissioning and validation process ranging from factory assessment testing, qualifications, and consultancy.

Whether your operation requires single-use or multi-use configurations, we have a solution designed for you.

Le eLAB® category, ranging from 1 to 5 litres, is specially tailored for small scale laboratories, delivering efficient, flexible, and scalable solutions ideal for research and development. LAB® bioreactors are engineered to provide precise control over critical parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature, ensuring optimal conditions for the growth and production of cells and microorganisms.


For pilot projects and small-scale production, ePILOT® , allowing for seamless technology transfer to larger-scale production. Covering a capacity range of 10 to 50 litres. The ePILOT® is designed to tackle tough upstream processes in production with control and monitoring that are essential for microbial and cell culture fermentation processes. The system is also designed to minimize contamination risk with replaceable vessels to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.


Le ePROD® category, ranging from 100 to 5.000 litres or can be customized to meet specific needs, is engineered to meet the demands of large-scale biomanufacturing. It offers a perfect solution for microbial fermentation or culture cell. These stirred tank reactors are built with high-quality 316L stainless steel, and are equipped with necessary tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of the process. Furthermore, TECNIC offers an extensive range of efficient and cost-effective solutions, including single-use equipment bags designed for production, storage, and mixing purposes.


TECNIC offers not only bioreactors, but also upstream and downstream solutions.

For upstream they provide mobile equipment solutions for media preparation with the ePLUS range. Equipped with integrated software it is easy to connect to full range of bioreactors. ePLUS also offers tanks and bags for media storage.

For downstream processing, high efficiency filtration is highly sought for with tangential flow filtration (TFF) being an excellent tool for purifying.
As per the design philosophy of TECNIC the TFF solutions can be tailored and scaled to the needs of the customer, matching the scale in size for both single- and multi-use applications. The filtration membranes range from 0,1 m2 to 65 m2 and can be installed either in an hollow fiber or a cassette configuration using the platform.

eLAB TFF Single-Use

For all applications there are integrated Steam in Place (SIP) and Clean in Place (CIP) modules available.

For all intents and purposes we are convinced that the wide range of applications provided by TECNIC and our hands-on support will advance your bioprocessing to the next level.