AE-DRY Series


AE-DRY Series

Vertical Floor-standing Laboratory Autoclaves with drying. From 33 to 175 litres.

AE-DRY Series

The AE-DRY floor standing automatic vertical autoclaves with top loading access deliver great performance for general labware sterilization in many industries, educational and medical facilities and research institutes with the aim of increasing the productivity of the laboratory.

The AE-DRY autoclaves are intended for the sterilization of a wide range of solid materials such as unwrapped and wrapped items, small porous objects and hollow ware type B (slightly deep and broad cavities), glass, plastic, metallic objects and waste bags. The drying feature and the automatic water control level reduce operator time dedicated to the autoclave leading to facilitate the sterilization procedures in the general laboratory.


  • Sterilization chamber made of AISI-316L stainless steel. External housing made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Equipment controlled by digital PID microprocessor, with 4 predefined and 6 editable programs, adjustable by time, temperature, drying time and type of cycle (solids or liquids).
  • Cycles with initial simple prevacuum and final drying by vacuum pump and heating jacket.
  • Alphanumeric LCD screen that shows sterilization parameters, alerts and errors.
  • Includes a water tank for an automatic feed of the sterilization chamber. Optional automatic feed of the water tank.
  • Protecting grid for the heater element.
  • Cycle time range: 1-250 minutes.
  • Bacteriological filter for air inlet.


  • Agar mode (40 to 80 ºC) and programs for liquids.
  • Optional heart probe.
  • Inlet in chamber for an external validation probe.
  • Programmable auto-start (24 h).
  • RS-232 port to connect PC or printer.
  • Optional control software.
  • Optional integrated or external printers.
models AE-28-DRY AE-50-DRY AE-75-DRY AE-110-DRY AE-150-DRY
Chamber volume total/usable 33/31 L 55/50 L 79/75 L 115/110 L 175/153 L
Usable chamber dimensions Ø x H 300 x 440 mm 300 x 710 mm 400 x 600 mm 400 x 850 mm 500 x 760 mm
Independent water tank volume 9 L 9 L 12 L 12 L 20 L
Exterior dimensions L x D x H 505 x 580 x 1110 mm 505 x 580 x 1290 mm 610 x 700 x 1185 mm 610 x 700 x 1435 mm 750 x 820 x 1400 mm
Loading height 795 mm 975 mm 870 mm 1120 mm 1085 mm
Power 2000 o 3200 W 3200 o 6000 W 3200 o 6000 W 4500‚ 60000 o 9000 W 6000 o 9000 W
Gross weight 90 Kg 110 Kg 140 Kg 180 Kg 265 Kg
Voltage* 230V 16A 230V 16A 230V 16A o 400V 32A 400V 32A 400V 32A
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Adjustable sterilization temperature 100-134 ºC 100-134 ºC 100-134 ºC 100-134 ºC 100-134 ºC
Adjustable sterilization time 1-250 min 1-250 min 1-250 min 1-250 min 1-250 min
Adjustable drying time 3-99 min 3-99 min 3-99 min 3-99 min 3-99 min
Max. pressure 2‚1 Bar 2‚1 Bar 2‚1 Bar 2‚1 Bar 2‚1 Bar

*Other voltages available under request. Special models with augmented power may operate with other voltages.

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