Stand alone steam generators


Stand alone steam generators

Stand-alone steam generator units. Available in 24kW, 48kW and 72kW

Stand alone steam generators

Astell steam generators are designed with sterilization in mind, making them ideal for autoclaves or other equipment that requires instant steam in short high peak demands, with quick regeneration. They can be used with the Astell autoclaves and sterilizers, or to provide a direct steam supply to laboratory facilities operating in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage industries.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Electrically Heated Steam Generators
  • Fill Tank
  • Float Switch Level Control (water)
  • Graphical display of water level and steam pressure
  • Low power standby
  • Low water alarm
  • Optional Sight Glass
  • Optional Stainless Steel Panelwork
  • Pressure / Water Level
  • Programmable working pressure
  • Pump Status/Running/Tripped
  • Time / Date
  • Fully programmable 5.7″ Colour Touch Screen controller

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