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PROLINE Bridge thermostats

Bridge thermostats 30 to 300 °C for temperature control thermostating of any bath
Detachable remote control unit for easy and intuitive operation
Programmer with 150 temperature-time segments; with command operating unit, also graphic temperature curve display
PowerAdapt system for optimally adapted max. heating output without influencing the mains power supply
Low-level protection and adjustable overtemperature protection with acoustic alarm. Float for identifying low or high level.

PROLINE Bridge thermostats

The LAUDA Proline bridge thermostats with vario flex pump are great for temperature control thermostating of any bath vessel. The PB models have a pressure/suction pump, but the PBD models are equipped with stronger pressure pumps. They enable temperature control thermostating on deeper baths of up to 320 mm.

A telescoping rod for baths with a width of 310 to 550 mm, an ergonomic handle and side pump connections are also available.

Available models:

Proline PBD Proline PB Proline PBD C Proline PB C
Working temperature min. 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C
Working temperature max. 300 °C 300 °C 300 °C 300 °C
Temperature stability 0.01 ± K 0.01 ± K 0.01 ± K 0.01 ± K
Heater power max. 3.6 kW 3.6 kW 3.6 kW 3.6 kW
Pump pressure max. 50 Hz 1.1 bar 0.7 bar 1.1 bar 0.7 bar
Pump suction max. 50 Hz 0.4 bar 0.4 bar
Flow rate max. (pressure) 50 Hz 32 L/min 25 L/min 32 L/min 25 L/min
Pump flow max. (suction) 50 Hz 23 L/min 23 L/min
Interfaces integrated No No RS 232/485 RS 232/485

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