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Asia Flow Chemistry

Modular Flow Chemistry. Your system evolves with your needs.
Flow rate range from 1 μL to 10 mL/min
Complete control
Manual or automated experiments

Asia Flow Chemistry

The proprietary technology allows manually controlled or fully automated experiments.

Chemists have complete control with Asia. It makes it easy to set up and run manual or automated experiments with production scales of mg to kg and with a range of temperatures, pressures, and reaction times to suit your needs.

With all wetted materials offering maximum chemical resistance, an Asia system will give you years of continuous service.

Winner of the R&D 100 Award for innovative technology, the Asia Flow Chemistry System is a benchmark of excellence in continuous flow and is proven in over 500 publications.


Smooth and accurate pumping

The Asia Syringe Pump is at the heart of the flow systems, providing incredibly smooth flow rates over the complete range of dynamic flow rates.

Two independent flow channels, each with an integrated pressure sensor, provide an accurate flow rate range from 1 ?L to 10 mL/min. Precise flow rates with extremely smooth pressure output are essential if you want to achieve the greatest control of your flow chemistry experiments in drug discovery.


Flexible flow experiments

Asia offers a range of reactors, including glass microreactors, tube reactors, and solid phase column reactors in a range of configurations and sizes.

Optimized for heat and mass transfer, Asia reactors give you the greatest flexibility when designing your flow chemistry experiment.


Tailored to your chemistry

Asia modules are available in a variety of pre-configured systems designed to perform specific flow chemistry applications.

Whatever system you choose, you’ll never be limited in your capability to perform new flow chemistry experiments and access new chemical spaces because modules can be added to your system at any time.

Flow chemistry systems can be as simple – or as advanced – as your chemistry requires. All Asia modules are interchangeable, giving you the freedom to configure a system of your own. Take control of the functionality and tailor the system to suit your chemistry.

If you need help with choosing your system modules, speak to one of our xperts.



Temperature Range -100°C to +250°C
Flow Rate 1 μL/min to 10 mL/min per pump channel
Residence Times 1 second to multiple hours
Pressure Range 0 to 20bar (300psi)
Liquid Phase Reactor Volumes 62.5 µL, 250 µL, and 1,000 µL for glass microchips, 4 mL and 16 mL for tube reactors
Solid Phase Reactor Volumes 0.7 mL, 2.4 mL, 5.6 mL, and 12 mL
Wetted Parts Glass, PTFE and PCTFE (stainless steel and hastelloy possible)
Mixing Rapid diffusion mixing
Production Volumes Milligrams to Kilograms



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