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Reactor-Ready™ Flex Lab Reactor

A flexible reaction system that can be configured to suit your budget and application.
Automate your Lab Reactor
Configure your system

eLAB Essential Compact Bioreactor

Compact User-Friendly Bioreactor with integrated essentials for worry-free operations
Available in volumes of 0.5, 1L, 2L and 5L
Unparalleled productivity in microbial fermentation

Discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Unleash the power of science with our reliable instruments and expertise.

ePROD Bioreactor

Stirred Tank Bioreactor. Unlock the Power of Bioprocess Production with ePROD® Bioreactors – Designed for Maximum Efficiency and Results
Volumetric versatility: from 100 to 4.000 L
Enhanced agitation precision​


Downstream Bioprocessing​. Unlock the full potential of your research and production by utilizing both downstream processing and pilot scale technology.
Automatic CIP and SIP
Flexible working volumes from 50 to 200L

eLAB TFF Single-use

Maximize research & production results with solutions for tough downstream
Broad membrane surface in a compact design
Maximum hygiene and convenience


Multi-use. Enables fast and efficient process for tangential flow filtration (TFF)
Advanced control for seamless operation
Optimized membrane performance: membrane surface area of 0.1 and up to 0.5 m²

ePILOT Bioreactor

Maximize research and production results with ePILOT® Bioreactor, a solution designed to tackle tough upstream processes in production.
Modular vessel design
Precision monitoring: set of digital sensors, the system controls and monitors several parameters

eLAB Advanced Bioreactor

Advanced Lab bioreactor
Optimized working volume: 1L, 2L, 5L, or 10L
Precision monitoring and advanced automation

Discover 2.0

The absolute best approach for Chemical Synthesis
Widest pressurized vessel sizes for a single-mode microwave - 10mL, 35mL, 100mL
IR Temperature Sensor that sees through glass and Teflon® (iWave®)
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