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Only available in The Netherlands


Reactor-Ready™ Flex Lab Reactor

A flexible reaction system that can be configured to suit your budget and application.
Automate your Lab Reactor
Configure your system
Vessel Kits

Reactor-Ready™ Flex Lab Reactor

A customizable reactor to suit your budget and application.

Reactor-Ready Flex allows you to customize a modular jacketed lab reactor system, picking the features and components that benefit your workflows.

Build your own Reactor-Ready Flex Lab Reactor with the online configurator of Radleys!

Key features:

Automate your Lab Reactor

  • Achieve precise temperature control and accurate process data logging with AVA Lab Control Software
  • Log and control stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, temperature sensors and other 3rd party devices


Configure your system

  • Choose the component parts to create a Jacketed Lab Reactor with the features you need
  • Build the system that suits your budget and application
  • Accepts vessels from 100ml to 5 Litres.


Fully modular reaction system

      • Choose from one of our 4 pre-configured packages
      • Or create your own system

Vessel Kits

  • Convenient vessel kits make buying vessels and accessories easy and cost effective
  • Vessel kits come with the appropriate impeller and pt100 temperature probe


Scale up or scale down

  • Swap vessels in minutes
  • Perfect for busy labs working on multiple projects


Innovative design features

  • Facilitate accurate temperature control and efficient stirring
  • Allow for repeatable, reproducible chemistry


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