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ePROD Bioreactor

Stirred Tank Bioreactor. Unlock the Power of Bioprocess Production with ePROD® Bioreactors – Designed for Maximum Efficiency and Results
Volumetric versatility: from 100 to 4.000 L
Enhanced agitation precision​
A suite of digital sensors governs real-time monitoring of several parameters

ePROD Bioreactor

Industrial bioreactors for peak performance

The ePROD® Bioreactor is a high-performance bioreactor designed to take microbial fermentation and cell culture to the next level. Crafted from stainless steel AISI 304 and 316L, its design prioritizes efficient culture growth and mixing, ensuring unparalleled productivity in upstream bioprocessing. With a diameter-to-height ratio of 1:2 for cell culture and 1:3 for microbial fermentation, our industrial bioreactor offers versatile design options. Its large-scale variants include volumes of 100L, 200L, 400L, 1000L, 2000L, and 4000L, leading to increased efficiency and better results.

Moreover, the integration of a PLC enhances flexibility in programming, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the process at every stage with advanced monitoring systems and enabling real-time tracking of critical parameters such as pH, O2, temperature, and foam levels. This level of oversight helps you make informed decisions and improve production outcomes, which guarantees optimal conditions for growth and development. Additional optional digital sensors for redox, conductivity, total and viable cell density, biochemical parameters, and pCO2 are also available, offering even more real-time insight into your production process.


Microbial configuration

The ePROD® Bioreactor is meticulously configured for microbial applications, ensuring optimal growth conditions. This specialized setup encompasses precise control over crucial parameters such as pH, temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), and foam. pH is diligently maintained through the addition of acids or bases, with the integration of mass flow controllers for accurate air and oxygen supplementation.

The bioreactor features a jacketed vessel, incorporating a double-wall in varying sizes, accompanied by a 3x 6-blade Rushton impeller. The agitation dynamics are under precise control through a Servomotor. Elevate your microbial processes further with optional enhancements, including a microsparger for the generation of finer bubbles, an external pump for feeding, additional sensors and off-gas analysis for continuous monitoring and adjustment of the cultivation environment.

  • Volumetric versatility

The ePROD Bioreactor boasts a comprehensive volume range, spanning from 100 up to 4000 liters, ensuring unparalleled adaptability across various production scales.

  • Enhanced agitation precision​

Offering a choice between a 6-blade Rushton turbine for microbial fermentation and a 3-pitched blade for cell culture, our industrial bioreactor’s agitation system is optimized for efficiency. Controlled by a servomotor, it adjusts velocity and intensity.

  • Cutting-edge control infrastructure

Tecnic’s industrial bioreactor integrates an Advanced Control System with the eSCADA ADVANCED software and a user-friendly 15-inch touch-screen interface. This state-of-the-art system ensures an intuitive and accurate control experience, allowing for the real-time monitoring and adjustment of vital parameters crucial for culture growth.

  • Precision monitoring array

A suite of digital sensors governs real-time monitoring of pH, O2, temperature, and level/foam, providing unparalleled precision in process control.

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