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ePROD Bioreactor


ePROD Bioreactor

Stirred Tank Bioreactor. Unlock the Power of Bioprocess Production with ePROD® Bioreactors – Designed for Maximum Efficiency and Results

ePROD Bioreactor

The perfect solution for large-scale production with working volumes ranging from 100L to 5000L or can be customized to meet specific needs. The built-in SIP and CIP capabilities and countless custom options make the ePROD® the most efficient and reliable solution for your culture or fermentation needs.

These stirred tank reactors are built with high-quality 316L stainless steel, designed to withstand the demands of the production process.

Such flexibility in the design makes these stirred bioreactors ideal for a wide range of stirred tank bioreactor applications and stirred tank bioreactor uses and it also provides real-time monitoring and analysis of the process. This feature is especially important in simple stirred tank bioreactor operations and in continuous stirred tank fermenter systems where maintaining optimal conditions is crucial.

Easy access​

Includes stairs to reach the top of it.

Load cells​

Equipped within 3 load cells to achieve weight control.

Peristaltic pumps​

4 powerful and multiway pumps.

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Multi-use. Enables fast and efficient process for tangential flow filtration (TFF)

ePILOT Bioreactor

Maximize research and production results with ePILOT®, a solution designed to tackle tough upstream processes in production.