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Orb Batch Reactor


Only available in Belgium and Luxembourg

Orb Batch Reactor

Affordable Reactor System – Effortless Reactions

Orb Batch Reactor

Orb is a compact benchtop jacketed reactor system combining excellent value and high-quality construction with unique user-friendly features and reliable performance for batch reactions. Orb allows rapid height adjustment and two clamp sizes to accommodate a wide range of vessel sizes from 100ml to 10L, which can be interchanged quickly. The system can be used over a wide range of temperatures and is a true chemistry lab workhorse. A wide selection of accessories and upgrades for automation is available.

Orb Benefits:

  • Quick vessel changes: The unique vessel clamp mechanism allows quick and easy vessel changes
  • Wide range of vessels: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L and 10L torispherical vessels, up to 5L round bottom and vacuum jacketed vessels
  • Rapid height adjustments: Instant change of vessel height without tools
  • Clever user friendly features: Stirrer motor can be easily lifted and moved out of the way, easy vessel changes, no tools vessel height adjustments
  • Maximum chemical resistance: All wetted parts are glass or PTFE.
  • Wide temperature range: -90°C to +250°C
  • Pressure range: Vacuum (50 mbar) to 0.25 bar
  • Wide vessel access area: Easy reagent additions, allows use of larger stirrers, and wide range of accessories
  • Upgrade to automation: Add the Orb Reactor Master or PC software for total automation of reaction parameters
  • Robust and reliable: Built on Syrris’ extensive experience, the Orb reactor system offers true value, ease of use and flexibility


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