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Teledyne Isco

SyriXus Syringe Pumps

When reliability & accuracy are critical

SyriXus Syringe Pumps

Teledyne ISCO SyriXus single-pump systems consist of a controller and pump module. The piston-driven pump module uses a single speed gear train. Nitronic 50 is the standard material for cylinders, pistons, and caps, with Hastelloy and other alloys available for even greater chemical resistance.
Standard seals are graphite-impregnated Teflon, providing long life under harsh operating conditions, with optional seals available for special applications.

The SyriXus controller offers many different operating modes and features, and we can also customize the software to your specific application on request. The standard operating modes are:

  • ​Constant flow
  • Constant pressure
  • Flow or pressure programming
  • ​External control

Available models and options

  • 1000x Syringe Pump
    Largest available capacity in a single pump for big jobs with up to 1L delivery in a single fill.​
  • 500x Syringe Pump
    Ideal for an all purpose pump covering a wide range of chemical feed and core flooding applications
  • 500xv ​​Syringe Pump
    Designed to pump high viscosity material
  • 260x​​ Syringe Pump
    Now available up to 9,500 psi (655 bar) for high pressure applications
  • 65x Syringe Pump
    20,000 psi (1,390 bar) for high pressure applications. Precision down to 0.01 uL/min.

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