The compact circulation thermostat for external applications from 4 to 80 °C


Thanks to their excellent insulating properties, LAUDA Versafreeze deep-freezers guarantee safe storage of vaccines, organic substances or valuable samples in a temperature range of up to -85°C. LAUDA Versafreeze upright freezers and chest freezers put quality and safe storage at the forefront through high-quality components, energy-efficient and sustainable refrigeration technology. Features: Low energy consumption Excellent temperature stability, short pull-down […]


Varioshake shakers are equipped with a large number of possible shaking movements for a wide variety of applications.

Hydro Water baths

Water baths with precise temperature distribution and optional circulation.

AHS-B Series

Horizontal benchtop laboratory autoclaves with prevacuums and drying.

From 22 to 79 litres.

AE-B Series

Vertical Floor-standing Laboratory Autoclaves with prevacuums and drying.

From 55 to 175 litres