When Silica doesn’t cut if for flash chromatography . . . what can I do?

Join us for this webinar on 15/02/2023 at 02:00 PM Did you miss the webinar, or you want to see it again? The recording is available here A majority of flash purifications are performed on bare silica with simple solvent systems. But when your first choice for a separation doesn’t work, what are your options […]

Everything you need to know about the Pasteurization and/or Sterilization of packaged food

Are you making gourmet canned food and/or prepared dishes? Then you know that pasteurization or sterilization is necessary. Without this final step, your canned food might become a public health risk and you will not have the authorization to sell it. Pasteurization or sterilization? Aren’t they the same? Both techniques are used for the preservation […]

Win a golden CombiFlash NextGen System!

Teledyne ISCO invites you to Go for the Gold in the Golden CombiFlash® giveaway. With the first CombiFlash and the line of RediSep® columns introduced 25 years ago, Teledyne ISCO came up with a total of 50 nifty reasons to celebrate their leadership in the chromatography field by giving away a one-of-its-kind Golden CombiFlash. Visit […]

Meet us at the “Flow Chemistry European Summit 2023”

We will be at the Flow Chemistry European Summit 2023 on 27 – 28/03/2023, together with our partner Syrris. This year, the summit will be held at the Hilton Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. This conference brings together researchers from academia and industry from across Europe, Africa, US and the Rest of the World, and addresses […]

Flow Chemistry system by chemists for chemists

Flow Chemistry by chemists for chemists. The Asia range is an award-winning flow chemistry product line from Syrris. It has been designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate easy of use. The unique benefits of flow chemistry make it a suitable tool for a wide range of […]