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CD14 Comparative Dissolution

The CD14 dissolution tester runs two methods simultaneously or independently. Ideal for bioequivalence studies of generic vs. innovator drug formulations. 

CD autoplus (+ autofill)

Precision autosampling system with all-inert syringes, valves, tubing, and fluidics, designed for plug-and-play integration with CD14.

Vision G2 Elite 8

Versatile perfomance dissolution tester, built with the highest quality components and engineering

Vision G2 Classic 6

Compact and robust dissolution tester

Vision autoplus

Seamless integration, intuitive programming and operation, flexibility to handle a wide range of applications

Phoenix RDS Automated Diffusion Testing

Advanced cell design, a six‐cell manual sampling system and an automated sampling system capable of testing up to 24 diffusion cells at once.

Phoenix DB-6 Manual Diffusion Systems

Compact 6‐cell testing. Precision heating and stirring systems contained within the block makes the system fully portable.

Phoenix Dry Heat Diffusion Cells

Designed for precision, versatility, and ease‐of‐use in diffusion‐testing labs

Phoenix Dry Heat Systems

The Phoenix DB-6 dry heat diffusion system provides a compact footprint for six cell testing