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Flow Chemistry system by chemists for chemists

Flow Chemistry system by chemists for chemists

Flow Chemistry by chemists for chemists.

The Asia range is an award-winning flow chemistry product line from Syrris. It has been designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate easy of use.

The unique benefits of flow chemistry make it a suitable tool for a wide range of applications. From manually controlled to fully automated experiments, Asia offers maximum chemical resistance with an extensive range of temperatures, pressures and reaction times on scales from mg to kg.

What is flow chemistry?

Flow chemistry, sometimes referred to as “continuous flow chemistry”, “plug flow”, or “microchemistry”, is the process of performing chemical reactions in a tube or pipe. Reactive components are pumped together at a mixing junction and flowed down a temperature controlled pipe or tube.

The Asia Flow chemistry reactors make it possible to mix liquids, but heterogeneous reactions mixing liquid with gases and/or solids also possible.

Diffusional mixing in microreactors

Glass microreactor

In Syrris microreactors, reagents do not mix by turbulence (as in a batch reactor); instead, the reagents mix by diffusion. Because the distance across the chip reactor channel is approximately 200 μm, the time taken for reagents to completely diffuse is from a few milliseconds to a few seconds.


Pressurizing & superheating reactions

Asia Flow Chemistry Syrris flow systems can be easily pressurized up to 20 bar. This allows reactions to be performed at temperatures much higher than atmospheric reflux, enabling faster and often cleaner, higher yielding reactions. Typically, solvents can be heated 60 to 150°C above their boiling point. Therefore reaction rate increases of the order of 1000-fold are possible.


Syrris has pre-configured systems for specific applications:

  • Asia Starter: Ideal for beginners or eductaion. Easy to upgrade.
  • Asia Cold Systems: Safe chemical reactions under cryogenic conditions.
  • Asia Photochemistry System: Makes novel continuous photochemistry applications accessible without the limitations of traditional batch requirements.
  • Asia Electrochemistry Systems: Easy access to electrochemical reactions in continuous flow, enabling selectivity and transformations impossible by other techniques.
  • Asia Discovery Flow Chemistry Systems: Capable of running flow experiments that require limited quantities of starting material or expensive reagents.
  • Asia Process Optimization Systems: Ideal for converting a batch chemistry reaction to a flow chemistry process and varying parameters for reaction optimization.
  • Asia Nanoparticle Systems: Performs nanoparticle synthesis in flow with fast and reproducible mixing, excellent heat transfer and accurate temperature control.
  • Asia Scale-up systems: Ideal for running test reactions on few mgs scale before increasing the manufactured amount up to a kg/day on the same system with minimal setup changes.
  • Asia Premium Systems: Features a full range of Asia modules and enables standard flow chemistry operations as well as advanced use.

Advantages for the Drug Discovery

Recently, Syrris co-hosted the webinar: “Using flow chemistry to give early drug discovery processes a boost.” in partnership with Chemistry World and Vernalis Research.

This webinar demonstrates the capabilities of flow chemistry for researchers in early drug discovery and will look at practical and efficient ways to increase productivity and shorten hit-to-lead times. Watch the webinar on demand.