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Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter

Easy-to-use, high-performance calorimeter system

Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter

The Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter operates in either Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC) mode.

The system is designed for ease of use with the generation of power and enthalpy graphs made simple and quick. This, combined with the simple configuration of reaction temperatures, dosing quantities, and alarms provides you with a safe and accurate reaction calorimetry system and offers great value for Calorimetry chemists.

HFC and PCC measurements

The system offers two modes; Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC), allowing you to choose which mode is suitable for your process.

HFC is generally used for reactions where the heater may have an effect on the chemistry since the dip in heater is not used during the reaction. HFC is also preferred when large exotherms are expected.

PCC is used where quicker results are required, since no pre- and post-calibration is required. All important reaction parameters can be monitored in real-time using the Atlas HD Calorimeter.

Powerful automation

The Atlas PC Reaction Calorimetry Software offers truly easy reaction calorimetry operation. Configuration of parameters such as reaction temperature, dosing quantities, expected power level (e.g. moderate endotherm; strong exotherm), and alarms (with subsequent actions) are defined in an easy-to-use wizard.  Everything is controlled automatically during the experiment including stabilization at desired reaction temperature, reagent addition, and in the case of HFC, pre-and/or post-run calibration. No user intervention is required during the entire process.


The Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter is destined to be a very popular addition to your laboratory.  Easy to set and configure, reaction calorimetry cannot be made simpler.  A wide range of vacuum jacketed reactors from 100 mL to 2 L and the ability to perform HFC or PCC gives you choice.  When there are no reaction calorimetry experiments to perform, the system will operate seamlessly as an automated jacketed reactor.

Quick and easy data analysis

The software automatically includes the calibration, compensates for the enthalpy of addition and deviations from isothermal conditions. Post experiment analysis is made easy by the Atlas Reporting Software featuring “single click” plotting of power and enthalpy.

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