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Reactor-Ready™ Flex Lab Reactor

A flexible reaction system that can be configured to suit your budget and application.
Automate your Lab Reactor
Configure your system

Discover 2.0

The absolute best approach for Chemical Synthesis
Widest pressurized vessel sizes for a single-mode microwave - 10mL, 35mL, 100mL
IR Temperature Sensor that sees through glass and Teflon® (iWave®)

Automated Library Synthesis – ALiS system

High performance platform for drug discovery
Monodispersity: Excellent PDI and encapsulation efficiency
Precision: Accurate control, robust & reliable results

Automated Nanoparticle System – ANP

Controlled synthesis of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs)
From 200µl to continuous production
Highly reproductible

ACCQPrep HP150

High Pressure Preparative Liquid Chromatography System
Flow rates from 1 to 150 mL/min
Operating pressure up to 6,000 psi


Varioshake shakers are equipped with a large number of possible shaking movements for a wide variety of applications.
Inexpensive and variable whether for standard work or as a special solution
Compact design: The shakers fit into any laboratory environment to save space

Puridest water stills

Easy to use, reliable and robust water treatment systems for laboratory use.
High distilling quality without consumables
Creates a highly pure distillate with excellent conductance value


Green Preparative SFC: Chiral or Achiral Separations in a single, compact solution​​
Single touchscreen operation
Active solvent and waste level sensing

Benchtop Filter Reactor

Compact system that integrates the functionality of a reactor and a filter in one system at a benchtop scale
Synthesise, wash, and dry their solids; all in the same vessel.
Exclusive complete jacket coverage around the glass cylinder

Pilot Plant Filter Reactor PLUS

Large quantities of crystalline product can be processed easily and safely in the Pilot Plant Filter Reactor, making it ideal for process development, kilo lab and pilot scale production.
Scale-up up to 100 L
Support structure with castors for mobility