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Tangential Filtration System​. Streamline Your Filtration Process with ePROD® Tangential Flow Filtration the Ultimate Fully Automated Solution


ePROD® Tangential Flow Filtration is a fully automated TFF system designed to meet the demands of your production scale, providing a reliable and efficient solution for media concentration and diafiltration. This tangential flow filtration equipment represents a cutting-edge approach to filtration, offering benefits that range from high solute retention to continuous, clog-free operation.

With a double control box and a durable stainless steel vessel as standard features, this tangential filtration system is built to last. Whether you’re dealing with high-volume production or need a more streamlined single use TFF system for your lab, this tangential flow filtration equipment is scalable to meet your specific needs.

The ePROD® TFF system is designed for ease of use, simplifying the filtration process and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your production. This automated TFF system enhances process efficiency by offering advanced control and monitoring capabilities. It’s suitable for various applications, providing the flexibility and adaptability your operation requires.

Invest in the ePROD® tangential flow filtration equipment for a versatile and adaptable solution to your filtration needs. This TFF filtration system will deliver robust performance, whether you’re involved in biopharmaceutical production, food and beverage processing, or other fields that require reliable and efficient tangential flow filtration.


Adaptable holder​

Built in our facilities, versatile to a large number of cassettes, hollow fiber & ceramic filters.


Full automatic valves prepared to carry out a CIP/SIP cycles through the entire equipment.

Automatic system​

Using differential pressure, transmembranal pressure or crossflow regulation.

7 to 65 m²

Downstream processes with a flexible working filtration surface area of 7 to 65 square meters.

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