Animal feed

Optimizing animal diet is becoming an important matter. Key components of animal nutrition include proteins, fat, sugars, but many other parameters should be measures and analyzed. Find the right instrument for your needs below.

PRO Cooling bath thermostats

Cooling bath thermostats for professional temperature control thermostating from -100 to 200 °C

PROLINE Bridge thermostats

Bridge thermostats 30 to 300 °C for temperature control thermostating of any bath

Hydro Water baths

Water baths with precise temperature distribution and optional circulation.

Top loading benchtop Autoclave

Portable and self-contained. No installation required. 63 litre.

Large front loading Autoclave

Front loading autoclaves with an easy loading access. Available sizes  from 120 to  344 litres.

Stand alone steam generators

Stand-alone steam generator units. Available in 24kW, 48kW and 72kW

Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor

Swap reaction vessels in minutes, not hours. From 100 ml to 5 litres

Reactor-Ready Duo Lab Reactor

All the benefits of Reactor-Ready with two vessels in parallel or series. From 100 ml to 5 litres

Reactor-Ready Pilot

Replace multiple reactor set-ups with a single, universal pilot scale system with interchangeable vessels that can be swapped in minutes

Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor

Combine your jacketed lab reactor and filtration setup into a seamless workstation for synthesis and product isolation.