Energy and Bio fuels

One of the hot topics at the moment are the so-called renewable fuels. Combustibles such as ethanol and methanol are typically generated from biomass. With this new methodology comes a significant amount of research and eventually quality control to ensure the highest standards required by our society.

Discover 2.0

The absolute best approach for Chemical Synthesis


Process circulation chillers for industrial applications with cooling outputs from -5°C up to 25°C

PRO Cooling bath thermostats

Cooling bath thermostats for professional temperature control thermostating from -100 to 200 °C

H-Cube Mini plus

Safe and affordable hydrogenation

H-Cube Pro

Continuous-flow Benchtop Hydrogenation Reactor


Revolutionary Compact, High Pressure Hydrogen Gas Generation Platform for Chemists Improves safety, expands chemistry, saves lives

Phoenix Flow Reactor

Perform reactions in a loop homogeneously or use a range of different cartridges for heterogeneous reagents/catalyst chemistry

H-Genie Lite

Replace your cylinders with this small, high pressure smart hydrogen generator.