Liquid Fuels

Nowadays the transitions to green fuels are getting more and more important and this involves a lot of research and quality control. We are able to provide you the tools analyse parameters such as, elements, identification, qualification and quantification and physical properties.

H-Cube Mini plus

Safe and affordable hydrogenation

H-Cube Pro

Continuous-flow Benchtop Hydrogenation Reactor

H-Cube Pro Hastelloy

Continuous flow hydrogenation reactor for advanced chemistry


Revolutionary Compact, High Pressure Hydrogen Gas Generation Platform for Chemists Improves safety, expands chemistry, saves lives

Phoenix Flow Reactor

Perform reactions in a loop homogeneously or use a range of different cartridges for heterogeneous reagents/catalyst chemistry

H-Genie Lite

Replace your cylinders with this small, high pressure smart hydrogen generator.

SyriXus Syringe Pumps

When reliability & accuracy are critical