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Applications: Batch synthesis

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The absolute best approach for Chemical Synthesis

Benchtop Filter Reactor

Compact system that integrates the functionality of a reactor and a filter in one system at a benchtop scale

Pilot Plant Filter Reactor PLUS

Large quantities of crystalline product can be processed easily and safely in the Pilot Plant Filter Reactor, making it ideal for process development, kilo lab and pilot scale production.

Orb Pilot Reactor

Pilot-scale, modular jacketed reactor for scaling up of batch processes with multiple setups in one footprint.

H-Genie Lite

Replace your cylinders with this small, high pressure smart hydrogen generator.

Atlas HD modular jacketed reactor

Automated and modular jacketed reactor platform range that offers supreme flexibility and seamless interchangeability of jacketed reactors from 50 mL to 5 L.

Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter

Easy-to-use, high-performance calorimeter system

Custom Made Reactors

Many custom parts are simple variations on our existing parts – a shorter stirrer shaft or extra ports on a lid, for example

Orb Batch Reactor

Affordable Reactor System – Effortless Reactions

Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor

Combine your jacketed lab reactor and filtration setup into a seamless workstation for synthesis and product isolation.